3 Keys To Putting Like A Pro

3 Keys To Putting Like A Pro

Mastering your putting game is one of the quickest ways you can start shooting lower golf scores. Anyone can learn how to putt as good as a pro. It isn’t dependent on athletic ability. There are a few helpful keys you can integrate into your putting stroke which will allow you to make way more putts and lower your golf scores.

The first key to great putting is to have a proper setup which also includes a correct grip. Holding the putter properly and standing correctly will allow you to make a better putting stroke that swings on the correct path. You want to hold the putter in your palms as this will minimize excess wrist motion in the putting stroke. A medium grip pressure will promote swinging the putter with a good, smooth tempo. Holding the putter too tightly will restrict the naturally swinging motion that is necessary in a good stroke.

Your stance should be about shoulder width apart. You want to bend your knees but allow your back to be rounded so your eyes can get directly over the golf ball in your setup. This will allow your arms to hang down in your setup properly and you will also see your line more easily with your eyes over the golf ball. Depending on your height and the length of your putter, your elbows may be bent slightly in your setup. In your full golf swing, the arms should always be straight when they hang down. However, in putting it is okay if the arms are slightly bent. You still want the arms to hang down naturally and the elbows will be in close to your body.

Once you have setup correctly, it will now be easier for you to make a good putting stroke. The shoulders should be the main part of the body which initiates your stroke. The hands and arms simply hang on and stay connected so the back swing and through swing is a one piece motion with the putter. When the shoulders dominate the putting stroke, the putter head will tend to stay square and on a good line automatically. If the hands and wrists get too active, the putter face will tend to close or open and cause the ball to roll off the intended target line.

Keeping your lower body stable will also help you putter better. The body really doesn’t move at all in the putting stroke. Moving from side to side will move your putter off line and cause problems when you hit the ball. The lower body should remain stable while the torso stays centered. From there, the shoulders can simply make a proper motion and get your putting stroke on the right track.

The 3 main keys to a proper putting stroke were having a proper setup, swinging the putter with your shoulders, and keeping your body stable. Follow these keys and you’ll be making way more putts your next round of golf. If you ever watch the pros putt, you will also notice how they follow these same keys and make a lot of putts when they play golf.