Get Enough Calcium For Weight Loss

Get Enough Calcium For Weight Loss

Calcium is necessary for your Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Many people know that calcium is good for strengthening your teeth and bones. But most people do not know that calcium is a necessary part of your healthy weight loss program. Sure you can consume calcium regularly and still be overweight, but if you have a calcium deficiency you can actually gain weight regardless of how you eat and how often you exercise. Therefore it is imperative that we get enough calcium in our system to ensure we lose weight.

How Does Calcium Help Your Healthy Weight Loss Program?

We need calcium to strengthen our bones and teeth. We need calcium to help our heart health and even prevent certain cancers. Calcium also keeps the weight (or fat) off. Lack of calcium causes our bodies to release hormones to combat starvation. Calcium is an essential mineral that we need and without it our bodies think we are starving. Therefore the hormones that are released help produce fat in our bodies and prohibit the breakdown of this fat. Hence we gain weight or have a hard time getting rid of it due to not consuming enough calcium. This increased fat accounts for greater risks of heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other medical complications and health problems, all because we do not get enough calcium in our diets.

How do we Naturally get enough Calcium in our Diets?

There are certain natural foods that we should regularly eat to ensure we get enough calcium daily in our diets. Many times dairy and even commercially produced juices are fortified with calcium, this is not your best source. Optimally, if you eat a healthy diet of; fresh fruit and raw vegetables, 100% whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans; you will have all of your essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients covered. Since most people don’t and while we may be health conscious we should focus on these healthy foods to get enough calcium in our diets naturally. Green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower, nuts (especially almond and soybeans) and seafood (specifically wild salmon). These are all the preferable means to make sure we get adequate calcium daily.

What about Nutritional Vitamin Supplements to Get enough Calcium?

On average 1000mgs of calcium is the recommended daily requirement. If we eat properly especially the green leafy vegetables and almonds, we should not have a problem meeting the recommended dosage. But, growing children, menstruating women, seniors and those of us who want to lose weight, fight heart disease, prevent cancer and even reduce stress in our lives may want to get 1500mgs daily and be sure of it. In that case I would recommend a nutritional vitamin supplement for the extra calcium we need. Please always eat healthy food and exercise regularly as part of your effective healthy weight loss program. The nutritional vitamin supplement only supplements a healthy diet and regular exercise. It does not replace it.