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Steps Involved In Preparing A Concrete Floor Concrete floors are widely used in the commercial and residential setups. They are both versatile and strong. The rough and unfinished look of concrete floor is not welcome for most people. There are however ways of adding the strength and versatility of the concrete floors. Polished floors are mostly preferred for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. The epoxy coating, on the other hand, is preferred for the garage, basement and laundry room. To achieve these features proper concrete floor preparation must be done. The contractor might take more time to prepare the concrete floor for finish. It is however desirable since failure to do this might result in a bad looking coating or one that will age prematurely. A lot has to be done if it involves preparing existing concrete floor. Closely give a look at the sealant or coating. you have to remove these. Remove any excessive laitance until you expose the solid concrete. A thorough cleaning of the floor is the next thing. Special equipment and special chemicals have to be sued to do this. Once cleaning is done, the next step will be dependent on the type of final floor to be done. For new floor, you just pour the concrete on the surface. Then use to trowels to make it smooth and floats to bring excessive water to the surface.With some practice, anybody can do this since it is easy. Epoxy coatings are preferred for garages and auto showrooms since they are more durable and resistant to grease and oils. Epoxy coating adheres well to rough surfaces. Ensure that the surface is rough if you are preparing it for epoxy coating. This can be done mechanically or by use of chemicals. Any of the methods is effective, but your contractor will prefer one of them and give reasons. The next option is to prepare concrete floor for living areas. The process of preparing the concrete floor for home inside is a bit different. It has to be smooth polished floor. This means that a lot of grinding and polishing has to be done to make it best. Most people want to have the concrete floors being stained.
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The best stains for concrete are acid based. They react with the concrete surface to form the stain. Special soaps are used to neutralize the stain since it is chemically reactive. The cleaning will be finalized by plain water. Coating is required for polished floors since they are not strong like the epoxy coating. To achieve this, apply a base sealant and then wax above it. It can be polished several types before the wax passes it usefulness. It is nice to go through the process with a concrete floor expert.Smart Tips For Uncovering Materials