Does Your Diet Need a Potassium Make-Over?

Does Your Diet Need a Potassium Make-Over?

As both a dietitian counseling private patients and a college level nutrition course instructor, I have become concerned that both my patients and students consistently have difficulty consuming enough dietary potassium. Given that the daily dietary recommendation for North Americans is 4700 mg., it’s not that surprising that people fall short of meeting their potassium requirements. Although many health care providers think it is an easy process to eat this much potassium on a daily basis, Americans eat too few servings of unprocessed foods which leads to this problem. Additionally, as chronic dieters edit out calories to lose weight, they may also be editing out potassium rich foods in the process. With that stated, consuming enough potassium does not have to be as difficult as one would think. The key is knowing the best food sources of potassium, and making sure these foods are consumed on a regular basis.

Why is potassium so important for our health and well-being? Potassium is necessary for healthy nerve and heart function. Evidence also suggests that diets low in sodium and ample in potassium seem to prevent or correct some types of high blood pressure and lessen the likelihood of stroke.

With these health benefits in mind, it is crucial to know how we can increase our dietary intake of potassium. Potassium comes mainly from unprocessed foods, like fruit and vegetables- something that all Americans need to incorporate more regularly in their diets. Consider the following options when specifically trying to target your levels of potassium intake:

-1/2 cup navy beans, lima beans, and soybeans all have about 450 mg.

-1 cup cooked spinach has 466 mg.

-1 small can low sodium V-8 juice has 700 mg.

-6 prunes have about 290 mg.

-1 cup orange juice has about 500 mg.

-1 cup of skim milk has about 400 mg.

-1 banana has 420 mg.

-1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal has about 335 mg.

-3 oz. salmon has about 380 mg.

-3 oz. chicken or beef has about 290 mg.

-1/2 cup cooked carrots has about 185 mg.

-1 cup of honeydew melon and cantaloupe have about 400 mg.

-1/3 avocado has about 360 mg.

-6-oz. baked potato has about 850 mg.

-1/2 cup sweet potato has about 400 mg.

-1/2 cup sliced strawberries have about 250 mg.

The beauty of this list? These potassium rich fruits and vegetables are also the foods with high levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants, and the foods least likely to add pounds to your waistline! Yet one more reason to make sure you get five or more servings of fruits and veggies per day. Bon appetit.…

5 Ways To Improve Your Vitamin Nutrition

Whole food nutrition helps to fill the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat. Fortunately you can do your bit to ensure you don’t get a traffic jam by eating the right diet for you, exercising properly for your needs and paying attention to the indicators of good circulation. Eating food that is artificial like processed and fast foods can bring a sense of being dull-witted and a feeling of wanting to just go to sleep.\n\nVitamin B12 is used in making DNA, the building block of genes, and in maintaining healthy nerve and red blood cells. You will soon realize that preparing food at home allows you to use fresher ingredients and get extra nutritional value from the food that you eat.\n\nA healthy and consistent diet plan draws wide-ranging nutrition from the different food groups within caloric limits. However, know that healthful eating is a lifelong pursuit and one that is easy to begin by taking small, incremental steps. In particular, a nutritional eating plan will definitely improve your chances of fast weight loss.\n\nFresh foods such as fruits and vegetables and water are also beneficial to your oral health by making you use your teeth and gums to chew and to initiate saliva production. The remainder of the total calories in each diet was supplied by fat. As a matter of fact, these are the times when our bodies need more food to have an uninterrupted stream of nutrients that are needed for increased metabolic demands.\n\nAs a certified herbalist, and a student of this science for over 14 years, I have come to realize that eating healthy means eating foods that are rich in natural nutrients that come from planet earth to nourish our bodies. While proper nutrition may be hard to fit into one’s schedule and it may take effort and discipline, it is more than worth it for not only producing a beautiful smile, but also helping your body stay strong and healthy.…

Recognizing the Signs of a Stroke

Recognizing the Signs of a Stroke

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel within the brain is blocked or ruptures. When a stroke occurs the parts of the brain that are deprived of oxygen start to die. The parts of the body that are controlled by the damaged part of the brain do not function properly. Recognizing the symptoms of a stroke and getting medical treatment quickly can help limit the damage and increase the chance of recovery.

There are two types of strokes, ischemic and hemorrhagic. An ischemic stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain. The clot may have traveled to the brain from another part of the body, or the vessel itself may be clogged due to a buildup of fatty deposits. Ischemic strokes are the most common type of strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when an artery in the brain leaks or bursts, causing bleeding in the brain. The artery may have become weakened due to an aneurysm or other disorder affecting the blood vessels. This is a less common type of stroke, but is more difficult to treat and more deadly.

Recognizing the signs of a stroke and getting prompt medical treatment are essential to the person’s chance of recovery. The following list of symptoms indicates that a stroke may be occurring.

A� Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness, or paralysis on one side of the body

A� Sudden trouble speaking

A� Sudden vision changes

A� Sudden problems with walking or balance

A� Sudden confusion or difficulty understanding simple statements

A� Sudden severe headache that is different from past headaches

According to the National Stroke Association, an easy way to evaluate for stroke is to remember the acronym FAST.

A� F- (Face) Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?

A� A- (Arms) Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

A� S- (Speech) Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or strange?

A� T- (Time) If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately. Note the time you experienced the first symptoms.

A stroke is a medical emergency. Seek medical help immediately. Do not wait to see if symptoms go away. Every minute counts. If treated quickly, there are medications that can help the stroke patient have a better recovery.…

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In the past, graduation was marked with the anticipation of facing real-world responsibilities. To determine value, providers must measure costs at the medical condition level, tracking the expenses involved in treating the condition over the full cycle of care. Capitation motivates providers to offer every service line in an attempt to keep spending internal, instead of providing only services where they can offer excellent value.\n\nLikewise, concierge care,” or the boutique” style of medical practice—in which physicians provide unlimited services and fast appointments in return for a fixed monthly or annual fee—is beginning to spread from the rich to the middle class. While politicians continue making promises to solve the health care crisis, individuals and families continue to expect more than the insurance market can bear.\n\nThe government regularly tries to cap costs by limiting the reimbursement rates paid to providers by Medicare and Medicaid, and generally pays much less for each service than private insurers. Finding the best health insurance quotes is as simple as comparing plans.\n\nCompared with regional averages, patients at Virginia Mason’s Spine Clinic miss fewer days of work (4.3 versus 9 per episode) and need fewer physical therapy visits (4.4 versus 8.8). In addition, the use of MRI scans to evaluate low back pain has decreased by 23% since the clinic’s launch, in 2005, even as outcomes have improved.\n\nThey both told me about people they know who don’t work and yet get Medicaid coverage with no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays, no costs at all—coverage that the Duttons couldn’t dream of. These educational institutions in compliance with insurance providers, educate the students of the pros and cons of this insurance plan and provoke them to buy a policy.

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Nutrition and physical fitness go hand in hand as part of a complete fitness program. High-protein diets are suited for persons who lift weights for body building. This nutritional problem is now in an alarming rise in diet-related chronic disease such as type II diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and several diet-related cancers.\n\nCounting the calories you eat is useful, but tracking where those calories come from can give you another handle on your diet. What I did was add a good whey protein supplement, multi vitamin, creatine, and a natural energy source to my healthy diet. This means, just to maintain his muscle and energy, Man #2 needs to eat more calories, especially in the form of protein.\n\n- Variety: Eat a wide variety of foods. With a nutrition software program you can select foods that you normally eat and adjust the portion sizes of foods in different food groups to arrive at meals with the desired macronutrient ratios. Eating is vital to our manifestation because it is vital to the chakras and we can support and balance our chakras by consciously choosing appropriate foods.\n\nThere is nothing I am more certain about in my life as to the importance of treating your body with respect. Ezekial Bread & Almond Butter with Banana – Ezekial bread can be found in health food stores like Whole Foods. Moderation lets you eat all foods as long as you don’t overdo it.\n\nSome nutritional facts that should be very well understood and kept in practice for maintaining a healthy diet plans are the nutrition label details. We are talking about fruits, vegetables, meat, and less of the junk foods. It may not be a fashionable thing to say, but we, as parents, have a responsibility to educate our children about healthy eating and to enstill good eating habits from an early age.…

Treadmills and Stroke Recovery

Treadmills and Stroke Recovery

The treadmill has long been recognized as an important tool of the medical profession. As far back as the mid-1960s the treadmill was used as a diagnostic tool for pulmonary and cardiac diseases. It was around this time that it also came to be recognized as a beneficial tool for improving health and losing weight.

Treadmills Study With Stroke Victims

In recent years, research has produced some interesting and notable facts. Among these is the discovery that even several years after a stroke, using a treadmill can dramatically reduce symptoms of stroke damage, and result in improvements in mobility and general health. This is from a study conducted at John Hopkins University in 2008. The importance of this should be clear to everyone. It is never too late to repair stroke damage and reverse the effects of a stroke, and a treadmill can be used as a key tool in that recovery.

Improvement Still Possible Years Later

The study focused specifically on the use of a treadmill to “rewire” the patient’s brain and clearly demonstrated that the possibility of success with a treadmill is still there even years after the occurrence of the stroke.

There were seventy-one individuals used in the study, all of whom had a stroke at least six months before the beginning of the study. Among the seventy-one participants, the average time since the stroke was close to four years. Prior to the study, about thirty-five of the patients were able to walk without assistance, and the remainder needed help ranging from a cane to a wheelchair.

In the course of the study, half of the participants worked out for about forty minutes, three times every week. The others did stretching exercises for the same length of time and for the same number of days.

The Results

When all of them were retested after six months, the walking speed for the group which had worked out on the treadmill had increased over fifty percent, whereas the stretching group saw only an eleven percent improvement.

More interesting than the improvements in walking speed, were the results of the brain scans conducted before and after. There were no registered differences in the brain scans of the stretchers, but the treadmill exercisers showed significantly increased activity in the area of the brain that regulates ambulation.

This is important to point out because it demonstrates that the improvements that resulted from the treadmill workouts were due to changes in the brain rather than to the mere response of muscles to exercise.


For decades, stroke victims have been told that after a certain amount of time they simply have to live with their stroke-induced handicaps. This research clearly demonstrates that with the use of a treadmill they can continue to improve and heal.…

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“I feel like my results are much harder to achieve now that menopause is here. It probably does this through creating homeostasis in the body that balances the system out. Processed foods also offer few nutrients compared to fresh foods. It adds more good to your diet without getting the bad with it. People can take just a few capsules a day and it will suffice for their daily vegetable, fruit and whole grain requirement.\n\nThe glutathione protein is not only important for detoxifying; it is also used by the lungs and the liver to keep the body functioning at an optimally healthy level. Foods that only contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemical additives, artificial sugars and loaded with salt are devoid of nutrients and are therefore, dead.\n\nFor the sake of this article, the definition of “eating healthy” is going to come from experience of doing so over a period of decades. Ok, so no glutathione in the body means that the child’s body is unable to digest food and supplements properly, which means the body is being deprived of vital nutrients and vitamins!\n\nYou need to make sure that every meal that you take contains adequate minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and less of the dangerous fats but load up on the good fats. When you eat carbohydrate rich foods, they will be broken down into smaller molecules called glucose as they reach the bloodstream, which is the usable source of energy that powers each and every cell in your body.\n\nThese are the more energy and calorie dense carbohydrates that will help provide your body with the fuel it needs. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or gain weight, the relative amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat can make a difference.…

Steps of Rehabilitation – The Process of Recovering From a Stroke

Steps of Rehabilitation – The Process of Recovering From a Stroke

Recovering from a stroke varies greatly upon the individual, type of stroke, and the severity of the damage it has caused to the brain. For many patients this is typically a long process and involves many different forms of treatment including rehabilitation.

While some individuals may experience a certain degree of spontaneous recovery, others will need a great deal of therapy to regain the abilities that they have lost and the type of rehabilitation varies depending upon the area of the brain that was damaged and the severity.

The First Steps of Rehabilitation

After the patient has been treated for the immediate medical concerns following a stroke and examined for any other underlying medical conditions and the severity of the damage has been determined, the first step for treatment is typically to have the patient get out of bed as soon as possible and begin moving around and performing everyday self-care tasks such as eating.

The next step involves deciding upon the type of rehabilitation program. While some patients may not require rehabilitation due to a full recovery and others may have disabilities that are too severe for rehabilitation, many individuals benefit significantly from rehabilitation programs specifically designed for stroke patients.

Types of Rehabilitation Programs

There are several types of rehabilitation programs including those that are done within the hospital. Hospital rehabilitation programs typically provide full rehabilitation services while the patient remains in the hospital and is performed by an organized team that specializes in rehabilitation therapy.

This type of therapy is typically more intense than other forms of therapy and generally requires a great amount of effort on the part of the patient. Many nursing homes or nursing facilities also provide rehabilitation programs for stroke patients who stay in the facility, however, these types of programs vary greatly from one facility to another with some providing full rehabilitation programs while others only provide a limited amount of services.

There are many types of outpatient rehabilitation programs where the patient can remain at home while receiving rehabilitation therapy by visiting a hospital outpatient facility through scheduled appointments. In home rehabilitation services are also available in which a therapist visits the patient’s home.

This type of rehabilitation can be particularly beneficial for some patients as they are able to regain the skills normally used in their own home. There are also many types of specific therapy such as speech therapy that can be obtained on an outpatient basis or within the home.

The process of recovering from a stroke also involves the support of friends and family members as well as certain modifications that can be made to the home for mobility and safety precautions. Medical professionals that specialize in the treatment of stroke patients can advise the patient and family members in the best way to optimize the home based upon the specific needs of the individual.…

How Vital is Your Eye Line to Your Golf Putting Setup?

How Vital is Your Eye Line to Your Golf Putting Setup?

If you are looking to improve your golf putting by becoming a more efficient and consistent putter, then one golf putting setup fundamental that you certainly want to get right is to learn where your eye line needs to be.

This golf putting setup fundamental is not really up for debate! It is the most crucial elements of the putting setup and will basically determine how successful your putting performance will be.

So take a moment to follow the advice below and take your golf putting game to the next level!

Where should you Eye Line be?

Your eyes needs to be directly overlooking the golf ball or at worst directly behind it. An easy way to test that your eyes are lined up in the correct position is to place another ball between your eyes and allow it to drop. If it lands on top of the ball you are about to putt, then your eye line is correct.

Why is eye line so important?

Having your eyes directly over the ball is vital because it puts you in the best position to look straight down the target line, this with help you to consistently keep your putting stroke on the correct path straight back and straight through to the target line (the imaginary line from the target to and through the ball).

Staying on path will ensure that your putting stroke is accurate and consistent. If you eye line is inside the target line then your putting stroke will tend to go to far inside on the backswing and you will find that you push a lot of putts. On the other hand if your eye line is outside the target line your putting stroke will tend to go too far outside the line on the backswing and you will find that you pull a lot of putts.…

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As we lead busy fast paced lives we often come home and reach for the processed foods because they are quick and easy to make. When whole food vitamin capsules are made from natural sources, they would contain the entire range of several vitamins and minerals along with several micro-nutrients. Rather than simply isolating these nutrients, they remain attached to their whole food ingredients to allow the body to recognize and readily utilize them.\n\nMost of the food based supplements are also known as food grown and they are synthetically created nutrients cultured in a mixture of yeast and probiotics. Synthetic vitamin C has no bioactivity in the body at all. They point to food synergy as to why whole foods have the advantage over vitamin supplements.\n\nDr. Bowring, and VitaTree Nutritionals, formulated whole food vitamins for a variety of health concerns for both women and men, and the entire family. The “paleo diet” concept serves as a comparative guide to nutritional supplements, for those people who take them.\n\nThis was not to ensure that Americans had a great diet but actually to ensure that American families could feed themselves at all, while allowing most of commercial food production to be sent to the troops overseas. Studies demonstrate that our body treats isolated and synthetic nutrients like foreign substances (xenobiotics).\n\nThe key is that foods, including the foods organic and wild crafted whole food supplements, contain a wide variety of nutrients that our bodies desperately need and use to maintain health, healing, prevention and immunity. There are many synthetic zinc supplements on the market.