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How to Putt Better by Building Confidence on the Greens

How to Putt Better by Building Confidence on the Greens

We all want to build confidence on the greens and start draining our putts, but no one once to put the time in, and when I say time I mean practice. No one goes to the range to work on their putting stroke, we all go there to smash balls as far as we can. Its funny though because if you really want to drop your handicap fast, the best way to do that is to learn how to putt better.

I have a great exercise that is fun that we are all able to do no matter what your skill level is. Get your putter and your ball, because that is all your going to need and head on down to the practice green at the range or closest club. It would be great if you where able to go at a time when it is not to busy because you are going to use one hole the entire time.

Do you have a pre putt routine like the pros do, because you are going to need it for this drill. The point of this is to be comfortable on the greens and within your putting stroke, the best way to do that is to keep doing the same thing over and over and you will surly learn how to putt better. You should have your pre putt routine down after this exercise. Start with an easier hole location if you can and over time increase the difficulty.

So instead of going around the world you are going to go around the clock. Not just once, but one and a half times. Place your ball a foot away from the cup and we will call that one o’clock, go through your pre putt routine and then putt away. If you don not sink the putt that’s OK. Putt it out remembering to use your pre putt routine. Now that you have sunk the putt I want you to go to two o’clock but this time you will place the ball two feet away from the cup. Do this eighteen times just as if you where playing around of golf, each time getting farther and farther away from the hole so at the end you will be eighteen feet away and at six o’clock. You will have putted a full round of golf. The goal, to never three putt. Thirty six is the magic number you are looking for. Once you are able to repeat this consistently find a harder hole location.

If this exercise doesn’t teach you how to putt better and start building confidence in your putting stroke while you are on the greens, I don’t know what will. Enjoy yourself, which is easy to do when you start draining putts from everywhere one the putting surface. And remember to use your pre putt routine every single time.…

Vitamin B Benefits

Vitamin B Benefits

There are so many benefits that come from a health supply of B vitamins to the body, it’s hard to list them all. Science discovers new benefits on a regular basis. One of the reasons that new discoveries are being made is because B vitamins are actually a family of vitamins, rather than a single nutrient. You actually need each and every one in the family.

What do each of the B vitamins do for you? Let’s take a look.

Vitamin B1, or Thiamin, is essential for proper nerve cell function. This means it is really important for your brain and mental functions such as memory. Thiamin also helps keep all the cells in your body functioning properly and helps create energy from the food you consume. Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, is a powerhouse nutrient essential for releasing energy from the food you eat. It helps your body grow normally, enables healthy red blood cell formation, and even assists in the production of many of your body’s hormones.

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, takes part in over 50 different processes in your body. This includes some of the processes covered previously, as well detoxifying chemicals in your body. Vitamin B5, or Pantothenic acid, works alongside the other B vitamins to help break down the components of food into energy. Vitamin B6, also called Pyridoxine, is essential as is moves around amino acids to make the thousands of different types of proteins found in your body.

Vitamin B7, called Biotin, is involved in many of the food-to-energy process in the body like the other B vitamins. You’ll sometimes hear Biotin referred to as Vitamin H. Vitamin B9 is also referred to as Folic acid, and this nutrient’s main job is to help your cells grow and divide as intended. It helps your body with mood and helps keep arteries open. Finally, Vitamin B12, referred to also as Cobalamin, helps your body create energy from food and protects nerve cells.

It’s clear that the B vitamin family is essential for good health. Make sure you get all of them in their proper amounts and you’ll not only protect your health, but you’ll feel great also.…

Upgrading Your 49cc Scooter With Performance Parts – Also the Upside of Owning One of These Machines

Upgrading Your 49cc Scooter With Performance Parts – Also the Upside of Owning One of These Machines

The scooter started as a basic, cheap, reliable source of transportation. It is a great way to get around the city or to roam the country side with your friends. There are many positives to owning one of these machine. First off and one of the best reasons is the gas mileage these things get. Your basic 49cc QMB139 4-Stroke Scooter will get between 80-120 Miles Per Gallon. Yes 80-120mpg that is almost unbelievable. This is possible because they are very lightweight and there fuel sipping small engines mixed with there CVT (continuously variable transmission). This is in stock form also. You can do some upgrades to your scoot and squeeze all the performance and efficiency out of it. Some of the first and mos basic upgrades you should do are. First put a Performance Air-Filter on there. This will increase the air flow and get the engine breathing more freely. Next since it is breathing in more air you need to move that extra air out of your engine more efficiently. You do this with a upgraded Performance Exhaust. Now if you do these 2 mods your will need to get a little more fuel flowing into the carb. So put a slightly bigger jet in. Normally the 49cc QMB139 4-stroke will be using a #75-#80. So you can go with a #85, #88, or #90. These jets are cheap and you will want to find which size will work best with your set up. Next thing now that you have your engine flowing a lot better is to start adjusting and upgrading your transmission. Get yourself a new set of roller weights. recommend the sliders over the rollers. Just because they will go up the variator ramps a little further and get you a little more top end. Also they move more freely which makes the CVT operate more smoothly. Also you should probably upgrade your Variator to a Performance one. Adjusting your gearing, variator, and all the CVT componets is gonna be the best thing you can do with your scoot. Now that you have done all these upgrades go out and ride and dial your ride in. There is a lot more upgrades you can do but these ones I have talked about are some of the basic and first ones that most people will do.

Another great reason and one of the main factors people buys these vehicles is because in most states you do not have to have the bike licensed or insured to ride it on public streets. So basically you just purchase the scooter and go out and ride. One real big stigma of the 49cc scooter is that you do not have to have a license to ride them on public roads. Well I am not a lawyer and do not know every states laws. I do know that in the state of Missouri …

Poor Circulation in the Legs and the Sign of a Coming Heart Attack

Poor Circulation in the Legs and the Sign of a Coming Heart Attack

Poor circulation in the legs can be a sign that your heart is failing. Poor circulation can be a sign of a coming heart attack. It is important to recognize that this is a very serious warning that something is wrong in the body. The legs are a good indicator of what is happening to the heart. If the legs are heavy it means that the heart may be failing. The person with circulation problems must address this fast. The worst thing that someone can do at this point is to wait.

It was recently shown in a study that poor circulation in the legs lead to a heart attack within 5 years. This can cause you to lose the uses of your arms or legs. Time is not on the side of the person with this condition. The main problem are the arteries which are failing to provide circulation to the heart. This can cause a stroke and the loss of the ability to speak.

It is important at this time to realize that something must be done fast. The best solution is the diet. Finding the right diet can make the difference between life and death. Typical diets do not stop the root cause of circulation problem. Medication is not the best solution due to the fact that they come with with heavy side effects that can harm your liver or heart. There is some good news for those with poor circulation in the legs. There is a diabetes diet based on a root healing of the circulation that has been reversing leg circulation problems. This diet has been healing the circulation in the legs. The diet has been helping those without diabetes in an amazing way.

If you are having circulation problems with the legs it is a sign to get the right diet fast. Please do not delay as this condition may signal a coming heart attack.…

Get Enough Calcium For Weight Loss

Get Enough Calcium For Weight Loss

Calcium is necessary for your Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Many people know that calcium is good for strengthening your teeth and bones. But most people do not know that calcium is a necessary part of your healthy weight loss program. Sure you can consume calcium regularly and still be overweight, but if you have a calcium deficiency you can actually gain weight regardless of how you eat and how often you exercise. Therefore it is imperative that we get enough calcium in our system to ensure we lose weight.

How Does Calcium Help Your Healthy Weight Loss Program?

We need calcium to strengthen our bones and teeth. We need calcium to help our heart health and even prevent certain cancers. Calcium also keeps the weight (or fat) off. Lack of calcium causes our bodies to release hormones to combat starvation. Calcium is an essential mineral that we need and without it our bodies think we are starving. Therefore the hormones that are released help produce fat in our bodies and prohibit the breakdown of this fat. Hence we gain weight or have a hard time getting rid of it due to not consuming enough calcium. This increased fat accounts for greater risks of heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other medical complications and health problems, all because we do not get enough calcium in our diets.

How do we Naturally get enough Calcium in our Diets?

There are certain natural foods that we should regularly eat to ensure we get enough calcium daily in our diets. Many times dairy and even commercially produced juices are fortified with calcium, this is not your best source. Optimally, if you eat a healthy diet of; fresh fruit and raw vegetables, 100% whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans; you will have all of your essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients covered. Since most people don’t and while we may be health conscious we should focus on these healthy foods to get enough calcium in our diets naturally. Green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower, nuts (especially almond and soybeans) and seafood (specifically wild salmon). These are all the preferable means to make sure we get adequate calcium daily.

What about Nutritional Vitamin Supplements to Get enough Calcium?

On average 1000mgs of calcium is the recommended daily requirement. If we eat properly especially the green leafy vegetables and almonds, we should not have a problem meeting the recommended dosage. But, growing children, menstruating women, seniors and those of us who want to lose weight, fight heart disease, prevent cancer and even reduce stress in our lives may want to get 1500mgs daily and be sure of it. In that case I would recommend a nutritional vitamin supplement for the extra calcium we need. Please always eat healthy food and exercise regularly as part of your effective healthy weight loss program. The nutritional vitamin supplement only supplements a healthy diet and regular exercise. It does not replace it.…

Silent Stroke Caused by High Blood Pressure

Silent Stroke Caused by High Blood Pressure

The work of Australian researchers, published in the July 28, 2009 issue of the journal Neurology, offers a somber warning. That those over 60 who have high blood pressure are likely to experience what’s known as a “silent stroke” caused potentially by high blood pressure and not even know it.

Despite the name, these types of strokes are of concern because they do unseen damage to the brain, have been suspected of affecting memory and thinking, as well as being potentially linked to a type of dementia.

The study involved 477 healthy subjects from 60 to 64 years old who underwent brain scans by the team.

At the beginning of the research 7.8% of the subjects had evidence of “silent strokes” (known to medicine as silent lacunar infarctions) that hadn’t brought any noticeable symptoms yet still had affected blood flow to arteries deep in the brain.

The damage could be seen on MRI scans, even though the subjects had no outward symptoms. By the end of the study another 1.6% of the participants had experienced these so-called “silent strokes”.

“These strokes are not truly silent, because they have been linked to memory and thinking problems and are a possible cause of a type of dementia,” cautions study author Perminder Sachdev, MD, PhD, of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. “High blood pressure is very treatable, so this may be a strong target for preventing vascular disease.”

Subjects with high blood pressure had a 60% higher chance of a silent stroke as compared to subjects with a normal blood pressure reading.

Participants with another brain condition known as white matter hyperintensities were just about five times more likely to suffer a silent stroke than those who had no evidence of this condition.

Often the stroke victim was not aware of any cognitive decline.

Yet “silent strokes” might be the real reason behind some of the changes we all mistakenly think of as part of normal aging like increasing forgetfulness, being easily confused or experiencing a noticeable slowdown of reasoning or decision making.

Researchers speculate that the effect of these “silent strokes” might be cumulative and account for slowing of motor functions, a reduction in information processing speed and less memory for detail.

This work supports earlier studies linking high blood pressure and stroke risk.

Some of the other risk factors for “silent stroke”, besides high blood pressure, include diabetes, heart disease, smoking and old age.

If you’re worried about your risk, start by talking with your doctor to see what kind of changes you might make to reduce your risk.

The encouraging news, according to the National Stroke Association, is that nearly 80% of all strokes are preventable.

Don’t put off a regular checkup so that you know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. Smoking and heavy drinking are no-no’s, while other risks like high cholesterol, diabetes or lack of exercise can be modified just by making changes in your diet …

Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

In the January 2011 issue of Golf Digest, tour player and golf analyst Gary McCord endorses Face-On Putting as a superior way to putt. He even references Dave Pelz as having rated such putting very high.

Face-On(tm) Putting was introduced in 2006 by noted sports psychologist Dr. David Cook in his highly popular book, “Golf’s Sacred Journey”.

Thousands of golfers have already switched to Face-On(tm) putting and the number is growing every day.

Shooting was recently completed on a movie based on “Golf’s Sacred Journey”. The movie stars Robert Duval and includes cameo appearances by Stewart Cink, Lucas Glover, Rickie Fowler and K.J. Choi.

When the movie is released in the Spring of 2011, the exposure to Face-On(tm) putting is expected to spur explosive growth in this new putting technique.

Face-On(tm) putting offers golfers seven key advantages:1)The golfer stands to the side of the ball and faces the hole/target line. The golfer’s binocular vision provides better alignment and distance judgment than traditional side-on putting.2)The putting stroke is mechanically simple with few moving body parts. This allows for a repeating stroke that will stand up under competitive pressure.3)It uses a natural underhand stroke motion much like pitching horseshoes, pennies or a soft ball.4)It promotes a simple, repeating straight-back and straight-through stroke for accuracy.5)The long putter length used provides a smooth tempo which promotes consistency.6)The golfer quickly learns to control distance by varying the length of the putting stroke.7)The relatively upright posture used allows the golfer to spend extended practice time with out back strain.

A Putter that has been optimized for Face-On(tm) putting will have the following features.1)Length from 44-54 inches depending on golfer height.2)Lie angle as upright as allowed by the USGA, 10 degrees.3)Face Balanced with high MOI.4)Uncluttered sight lines that frame the golf ball; no balls or other distracting geometric shapes5)Zero loft to eliminate directional error caused holding the shaft vertical with a ten degree lie angle.6)Adjustable weight for varying playing conditions.7)Vertical face grooves for a soft feel and excellent roll.

The Face-On Putting style is helping golfers of all skill levels. It is especially helpful for golfers who struggle with those pesky 3,4 and 5 foot putts.…

Inspiring Students With Fun Lesson Plans and Projects

Inspiring Students With Fun Lesson Plans and Projects

As an instructor, there are many different ways that you can teach a class. You can be very hands-on, or you can sit back and let the students think through the work for themselves. But it does not really matter what type of teacher you are, but more what you teach and if you have the necessary skills to teach. And for any instructor who may be a little worried about finding good art lesson plans, do not worry. There are many different ways that you can find clever ideas that will lift students’ attitudes and spirits while also giving them challenges so that they become better artists who are more confident in their work.

For example, if you are a college professor, you can teach your students about the different types of raku glazes that will be used for their projects. After all, students must learn how to bring out their best with firings and detailing, so learning more about this whole process will only improve the work that is produced. And once you have finished, then you can also make sure it is followed with hands-on projects.

But you may also just assign projects that require students to create different shapes and designs. This is a good way to test the imaginations of everyone in the classroom, as you may see many different results for the same topic. You may ask them to create some type of ceramic animal. This leaves it open to produce whatever animal they desire. So you can assign work that also lets them use their imagination and create themselves artistically. And after they have finished this assignment, then you can continue to push them throughout the school year. When they are done, they will have a better understanding of how to create certain shapes and objects. And while they may not be interested in creating animals, it still gives them something to fall back on when they are bringing their own ideas to life after school is over.

Once your students have learned how to use different shapes and have discovered the different glazes and stroke ‘n coat and under glazes and chalks, then they will be even more informed artists. And that means that they can create even more meaningful work, as they are aware of the way to better understand their own thoughts and ideas and get them out in their art. So do not fret about not having enough ideas, there are plenty of ways to stimulate your art class students.…

2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

Clearing leaves from a garden can be a labourous task without the aid of a Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum . Trees can be an added source of enjoyment in the summer months and in the fall with their spectacular leaf colours however some trees known as deciduous “which comes from the Latin word, to fall” will lose their leaves in the autumn and can create an unsightly mess on lawns and drives.

Before the introduction of the petrol leaf blower vacuum machine people would have to rake the leaves and put them in a wheel barrow. Which would be full in no time because of the bulkiness of the product and hoped the day was calm so that when transporting them, they would not blow around the drive and garden again.

The Petrol leaf blower Vacuum is a welcome tool when tiding up the garden of leaves in the autumn months. These power full 2 stroke petrol engines are light weight easy to start and can blow leaves with an air speed of over 200 mph from a 25cc engine. Not only can you blow the leaves to one corner but you can vacuum them into a bag attached to the machine which usually has capacity of around 45 litres.

Another advantage which comes with some of these machines is the ability to mulch the leaves which means you will not be required to empty the bag so often compared to a standard machine. The petrol blower vacuum has big advantages over an electric model. The petrol model is much more power full, can be used in any corner of the garden no matter how far away from your house. It is not confined to cable length like the electric model and can be used in all weather conditions.

Care should be taken when mixing the petrol or gas with oil for your 2 stroke machine , check the manufactures guide for the correct ratio of oil and petrol. The small quantity of oil that is added to the petrol is the only lubrication for the engine piston and too little of this oil will cause overheating and do some serious costly damage.…

How to Swim Freestyle

How to Swim Freestyle

Do you struggle with or do not even attempt freestyle swimming? Can you only manage a couple of lengths of the pool before you are out of breath? Does it seem that it is too much of a struggle to swim freestyle when you can swim comfortably up and down the pool using breaststroke?

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to swim freestyle like that person in the next lane? I think it is only when you learn freestyle that you truly appreciate the feeling as you glide through the water with a fast, smooth and powerful stroke. Also, your swimming times per length will reduce, and with it the number of strokes you take with each length. That’s right, when you develop a proper swimming stroke you go faster, for longer with less strokes, looking and feeling good in the water.

In order to develop a good freestyle technique the main areas I keep in mind for each swimming session are:

Body Position: I believe this is the most important basic to learn. I often see people swimming with their head out of the water and the rest of their stroke suffering as a result.

Breathing: To achieve the correct body position it is imperative to learn how to breathe correctly. A good breathing technique allows for a smooth stroke as you are no longer feeling breathless or struggling for air.

Correct Arm Entry: It is important to concentrate on the whole stroke, not just the arm entry, but faults in this area will lead to a poor stroke. I only keep two thoughts in mind, to enter the left/right hands at roughly 11 and 1 o’clock respectively and to think of pushing my arms into the sleeve of a shirt when they enter the water.

Body Rotation: Correct body rotation allows you to complete the whole stroke, giving you forwards momentum whilst enabling you to breathe more efficiently.

Kick: A good kick will again help with your forwards momentum, but it has to be controlled and to be in time with your stroke.

Also, some of the health benefits if you can learn how to swim freestyle:

* Low impact exercise reducing the risk of injury.

* Longer swimming sessions leading to an improved level of fitness.

* A more powerful and efficient swimming stroke that brings you confidence in the water.

* A complete upper body workout without those weights, watch those muscles grow.

* To be able to participate in open water swimming events or triathlon.

* Respect from others now that you have learnt how to swim freestyle.

All the above are perfectly achievable by swimming freestyle and to learn does not have to be a frustrating or difficult process. The key is to know the correct drills and to practice these in the correct order until a freestyle stroke becomes second nature to you.…