Different Kinds of 200cc Dirt Bikes

Different Kinds of 200cc Dirt Bikes

There are quite a few manufacturers that produced 200 CC dirt bikes. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, and Suzuki all had 200 cc enduro models. These small dirt bikes are great for beginners to ride. The power bands are smooth and relaxing making for more enjoyable ride for beginners. A brand new person the dirt bike riding would be able to hop on a 200 cc dirt bike and ride easily. 200 cc bikes are often very light and easy to handle.

Kawasaki, maker of the KDX 200 is a great bike. The KDX 200 of them comes equipped with some suspension, a light, and a easy to use clutch. The KDX is a very mellow ride. This bike is great to ride on trails, gravel roads, and in the backyard. You can also use this motocross bike on tight single track trails. I would not recommend taking the KDX out on the motocross track. The suspension on the KDX is not setup for motocross riding.

Honda, maker of the XR 200 is a very reliable ride. The XR 200 is a lightweight machine that can navigate you through some of the most challenging and a single track trails known to man. This bike is very reliable and very affordable. You’re able to find parts for the XR very cheaply on sites such as eBay and craig’s list. This makes the Honda bigger rate entry level ride at an affordable price.

Yamaha, maker of the TTR 200 is a wonderful ride to itself. The TTR 200 can hang with the best of all 200 cc bikes. I have driven my friends TTR two hundreds and that it was always a very enjoyable experience. When looking for new off road bike for my wife I pick one of these beasts up. My wife have never written a dirt bike before I was able to hop on the TTR and star riding with very little explanation involved.

Suzuki, maker of the DR 200 is not one of the best rides up at. I enjoy the Suzuki are and 250 but when hopping on a DR it leaves a lot to be desired. The suspension is setup much to soften my liking. When riding through the woods on types single track the bikes in part to handle. It would be nice if the bike felt a little bit lighter. Suzuki’s tend to be cheaper than the other motorcycles because they are much less reliable. With some work you can make your Suzuki a great machine.

In conclusion there are the lots of 200 cc off road bikes to choose from. The XR 200, the TTR 200, the DR 200, and the KDX 200 are all wonderful rides. These bikes will make a great entry level motorcycle for your wife, kids, or friends.