Does Vitamin B12 Boost Energy and What Is Good Source?

Does Vitamin B12 Boost Energy and What Is Good Source?

What does vitamin B12 do? Well, if you are looking for ways to boost energy levels then you needn’t look much further.

First let’s do a little test by asking a few questions:

1) do you think your metabolism needs boosting?

2) do you hit walls of fatigue several times throughout your day?

3) what would you say your energy level is on a scale of 1-10 on any given day?

If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions and answered anything seven or lower to question 3, then you probably are someone who struggles with having enough energy to accomplish just the basics, let alone actually taking on anything extra or starting an exercise regime. In fact, you’re probably someone who is tired of being tired, but doesn’t want to jump through hoops nutritionally. Am I right?

If yes, then you need to be reminded of the wonder powers of vitamin B12. It’s one of those dynamo vitamins that makes all the difference, and if your B12 levels are low, then you won’t be able to accomplish what you want or need to in life.

Personally I hate the feeling of being lethargic, because it’s almost like feeling sick. So I do whatever it takes to NOT feel that way, and B12 is one of my MAIN weapons that I use in my health regiment arsenal.

And I am MORE THAN THRILLED with a little jewel of a product from Twinlab called B-12 Dots. Honestly, I really cannot function without these little pink pep-me-uppers! And one advantage they have over some other vitamin B12 is that they are chewable, so for those who have trouble swallowing pills, they are fantastic!

I take one 500 mcg unit per day, but they are also sold in 5000 mcg. Though to be truthful, I can’t imagine my energy level if I took the higher makes my mind reel, and I think you’d have to buy me a cape and dub me Super Woman!

Here’s a list of what IS NOT in the dots:

• preservatives

• artificial flavors or colors

• fructose or honey

• soy

• yeast

• wheat

• milk

• starch

• egg derivatives

They are super affordable, and I think one of the best B vitamin values in the marketplace today. Plus they provide you with a nice, consistent energy that doesn’t feel like you’ve been injected with an energy rush. It’s a clean, pure energy that will bring you victory over fatigue and waning energy levels, which is why I’ve dubbed them the Great Equalizers!

Now of course you could get your vitamin B12 from natural sources such as yogurt, fish, clams, milk products, or certain nuts (pecans, Brazil, almond, walnut), but if those foods are not in abundance in your diet, then B12 Dots from Twinlab will be your savior!

And here is the some news for you: taking B12 on a regular basis tends to cause weight loss. Why? Because you feel more vital and energetic, so that translates into losing some pounds because you’re doing more. You gotta love that!