How to Overcome Bad Short Putting

How to Overcome Bad Short Putting

Nothing is more frustrating in golf than missing a short putt. Unless, of course, it would be missing a lot of short putts. That is the problem plaguing most average golfers, and the main reason the average golf score has not improved along with the technology of the game.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the putting instruction available is focused on the stroke and how to make it or practice it. Really, any such advice stands absolutely zero chance of helping you putt better. Especially if you have a case of the putting yips.

Most golfers do not have the yips. They just can’t putt. And they never will be able to because all of the instruction they receive in concerned with making a better stroke and does not address the issues causing the problems.

To overcome bad short putting, you need to forget all about making a putting stroke. Instead, you should keep your attention on making the putt, not the stroke. Focus on what you want the ball to do after you hit it, because that is what is really important.

A bad putting stroke can still hit the ball on the right line and at the right speed, and that is all you need to do to make a putt. Why keep trying to build a perfect putting stroke when you can get by just fine on a mediocre stoke made to achieve the right goals?

Putting is really just a simple target game. By adapting the fundamentals of every other target game to putting and focusing on the results you will have made putting simple and your mediocre stroke very effective at achieving the desired results.

Making more putts.