How to Putt Better by Building Confidence on the Greens

How to Putt Better by Building Confidence on the Greens

We all want to build confidence on the greens and start draining our putts, but no one once to put the time in, and when I say time I mean practice. No one goes to the range to work on their putting stroke, we all go there to smash balls as far as we can. Its funny though because if you really want to drop your handicap fast, the best way to do that is to learn how to putt better.

I have a great exercise that is fun that we are all able to do no matter what your skill level is. Get your putter and your ball, because that is all your going to need and head on down to the practice green at the range or closest club. It would be great if you where able to go at a time when it is not to busy because you are going to use one hole the entire time.

Do you have a pre putt routine like the pros do, because you are going to need it for this drill. The point of this is to be comfortable on the greens and within your putting stroke, the best way to do that is to keep doing the same thing over and over and you will surly learn how to putt better. You should have your pre putt routine down after this exercise. Start with an easier hole location if you can and over time increase the difficulty.

So instead of going around the world you are going to go around the clock. Not just once, but one and a half times. Place your ball a foot away from the cup and we will call that one o’clock, go through your pre putt routine and then putt away. If you don not sink the putt that’s OK. Putt it out remembering to use your pre putt routine. Now that you have sunk the putt I want you to go to two o’clock but this time you will place the ball two feet away from the cup. Do this eighteen times just as if you where playing around of golf, each time getting farther and farther away from the hole so at the end you will be eighteen feet away and at six o’clock. You will have putted a full round of golf. The goal, to never three putt. Thirty six is the magic number you are looking for. Once you are able to repeat this consistently find a harder hole location.

If this exercise doesn’t teach you how to putt better and start building confidence in your putting stroke while you are on the greens, I don’t know what will. Enjoy yourself, which is easy to do when you start draining putts from everywhere one the putting surface. And remember to use your pre putt routine every single time.