Stroke – Fighting the Stoke With All the Tools Available

Stroke – Fighting the Stoke With All the Tools Available

Stroke is the second leading cause of death around the world. It is the leading cause of disabilities in the US. Those two facts are why having good health insurance in place is critical, especially if you or your family have a chance of having one. They happen when blood flow stops or diminishes drastically to the brain. When the blood doesn’t reach the brain, some parts of the brain can stop working properly. Many patients experience lose motion of limbs, speech impediment, or vision problems as a result. Often the incident focuses on one side or the other of the body. It is a medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention.

What can lead to a stroke? The underlying causes are usually a blockage in a critical blood vessel or a leak in one of them. But, what leads to those blockages and leakages are the real culprits. High blood pressure is a leading factor. This is often due to a poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle, and drug use. Another factor is diabetes. Patients with diabetes are up to three times as like to have a blockage or leakage than people without it. Other medical conditions may cause these attacks also. It is important for everyone to have enough medical coverage in place to help deal with these conditions.

Strokes incur more than just diagnosis and treatment costs. Many people suffer with an impediment in the speech, motion, or vision. These often require physical therapy for a period after leaving the hospital in order to regain function when possible. Patients also need follow up visits with their doctor and specialists to reduce their chances of developing another episode. Without follow up and physical therapy, many patients are permanently disabled and likely to suffer additional episodes which can lead to further problems. Good medical insurance is imperative in these cases for diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

People who smoke, are obese, or have lifestyle problems have a higher than normal risk of having a stroke. If you fit into one of these categories, it is very important to make sure your health insurance is ready to go. If you have an attack, the medical insurance can save your life since the doctors and hospitals will not hesitate to give treatments. Having medical insurance will give you, the best chance to survive and recover to the greatest extent possible.

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