2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

2 Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

Clearing leaves from a garden can be a labourous task without the aid of a Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum . Trees can be an added source of enjoyment in the summer months and in the fall with their spectacular leaf colours however some trees known as deciduous “which comes from the Latin word, to fall” will lose their leaves in the autumn and can create an unsightly mess on lawns and drives.

Before the introduction of the petrol leaf blower vacuum machine people would have to rake the leaves and put them in a wheel barrow. Which would be full in no time because of the bulkiness of the product and hoped the day was calm so that when transporting them, they would not blow around the drive and garden again.

The Petrol leaf blower Vacuum is a welcome tool when tiding up the garden of leaves in the autumn months. These power full 2 stroke petrol engines are light weight easy to start and can blow leaves with an air speed of over 200 mph from a 25cc engine. Not only can you blow the leaves to one corner but you can vacuum them into a bag attached to the machine which usually has capacity of around 45 litres.

Another advantage which comes with some of these machines is the ability to mulch the leaves which means you will not be required to empty the bag so often compared to a standard machine. The petrol blower vacuum has big advantages over an electric model. The petrol model is much more power full, can be used in any corner of the garden no matter how far away from your house. It is not confined to cable length like the electric model and can be used in all weather conditions.

Care should be taken when mixing the petrol or gas with oil for your 2 stroke machine , check the manufactures guide for the correct ratio of oil and petrol. The small quantity of oil that is added to the petrol is the only lubrication for the engine piston and too little of this oil will cause overheating and do some serious costly damage.