Living with Dignity in Massachusetts as an Elder

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. This becomes more apparent as you age. Your family or friends might not be able to be there for you as often as you need, although they probably wish they could be. There are multiple options for securing the proper assistance for your situation.

Adult Foster Care

This is a type of home care massachusetts where you and your potential caregiver can live together. Where you live is to be decided between you, so it’s possible to remain in your community. This is a great situation if you don’t wish to move but require supervision or assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing or eating. It is also covered by MassHealth or Medicaid. Plus, the company could be nice!

Assisted Living

This refers to residential communities that provide housing, meals and personal care services for adults. You may continue to live as independently and privately as you wish, with personalized assistance at your service. Assisted living does not typically offer medical services or employ registered nurses. It is also not covered by MassHealth, so you will need to pay a monthly fee that varies by the location and services required.

Nursing Home

For those who require long-term health care, moving into a nursing home is a sensible option. These residential facilities provide on-going medical and nursing services on site, saving you from making constant trips to the doctor or hospital. You can still make all your own decisions about your care if that’s possible for your condition. Some facilities may accept MassHealth, others may require a monthly payment.

Getting older and wiser can also include some obstacles, which are very much surmountable with a little leg up. There’s no shame in reaching out or adjusting your living situation. Choosing an accommodation that is best for you and your loved ones is incredibly brave.…