The Science of Custom Vitamins and How They Work

The Science of Custom Vitamins and How They Work

As the nutrition industry has grown, there are many companies marketing vitamins and supplements that have raised lots of questions in the consumer. Which vitamins do I need? Which minerals do I need? Is there any difference between the different Vitamin C products? How do I know which gives me the right dosage?

Well the answer is, “It depends.” And that is why there’s a lot of confusion.

With Custom Vitamins, much of that guesswork is taken care of. It takes into consideration a couple of things.

1 – Age and Gender – There are specific nutrients that are needed by men and women of different ages. Custom vitamins group nutrients together to give you a gender/age specific blend.

2 – Sulfates – This test looks at your liver’s ability to detoxify. If it’s detoxifying well and it has plenty of sulfate available, then you are not going to need any adjustments for your age and gender formula to accommodate. If your levels are low, then the lab is going to provide extra nutrients on top of your baseline formula to push your body back to its normal functions.

3 – Nitrates – Too little or too high are both not good. The lab will adjust your nutrients depending on your results.

4 – Lipid Peroxides – These are highly reactive fats caused by free radicals that damage your cells and blood vessels from the insides as well as other things. High levels of these is why you need antioxidants. These come from all kinds of sources ranging from fast food to inhaling exhaust fumes. As well as other factors, your diet and environment, whether you live on an open savannah, or a smoggy city; these will all affect your lipid peroxide level.

Custom Vitamins take all these things into consideration to eliminate much of the guessing to give you exactly what your body needs to make sure it does what it is supposed to be doing. People’s diets are different. People’s lifestyles and environments are different. And people’s bodies are altogether different. No vitamin cures anything, but they are to re-support your body’s structure and function to push it back into homeostasis (a balanced, stable, and constant condition), to be the self-healing organism that it is. Keep in mind you get more than just a multivitamin, but also a multi-mineral, an antioxidant, with some liver inflammation and detoxification support in it. This is your core formulation in your custom vitamins.

Are there ADDITIONAL nutrients that your body may need? Sometimes. These also involve other tests. But in your Custom Vitamins you get most of the core nutrients that your unique body needs.…