Recovery From Stroke – What to Expect During Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovery From Stroke – What to Expect During Stroke Rehabilitation

In order for a stroke victim to recover fully from stroke, rehabilitation is an important part of recovery. The length of rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke. Some patients need months or even years to recover fully, while some recover very quickly.

For a stroke victim, getting back on his feet is most probably his top concern after a stroke. After stroke, the lifestyle of the patient changes completely. Things that are easy to do in the past seem impossible now. Therefore, one of the objectives of a rehabilitation program is to help the patient relearn skills and gain back his confidence once again. Participating in a rehabilitation program helps the patient to regain independence and improve his quality of life.

After a stroke, the patient should begin attending rehabilitation program immediately once his medical condition has been stabilized. The later the patient attends the rehab program, the longer it takes him to recover from stroke. The rehab program should start during his hospital stay.

So what is involved in a stroke rehab? A typical stroke rehab program includes some or all of the following therapies:

1. Regain or strengthen motor skills. After a stroke, the patient loses his motor skills. The rehab program involves using exercises to help improve his muscles strength and coordination.

2. Mobility training which involves using walking aids to help patient to relearn how to walk.

3. Communication therapy session to help patient regain lost abilities in speaking, writing and listening.

4. Motion therapy to help patient loosens tension in muscle and regain range of motion.

5. Psychology therapy to help patient to regain confidence and stay away from depression which damage recovery.

As I have mentioned earlier, stroke rehab should begin while the patient is still in the hospital. The hospital has social workers and care team to take care of the patient and help him through the rehab program. The patient can choose to use the inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation units. For inpatient rehabilitation unit, the patient will stay at the facility for several weeks as part of an intensive rehab program. For outpatient unit, the patient will use the facilities located inside of a hospital or clinic and spend several hours a day relearning skills before returning home each night.

Stroke rehab should not stop after inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation program. The patient should continue to have therapy at home to ensure a faster road to full recovery. Another way to help a stroke patient to recover faster is to take stroke medication. There are many advanced medications today that help patients to recover from stroke.