Heart Stroke Treatment

Heart Stroke Treatment

Heart strokes happens when a blood vessel located in the brain gets blocked or it bursts. The part of the brain where it is located can’t work properly and without blood or oxygen, that part of the brain begins to die. It’s important to know how to follow up with treatment after suffering from a stroke because it can limit the damage that is sustained to the brain and gives you a better chance at a full recovery.

In efforts to treat a person who has suffered from a stroke, the drug Alteplase could be used to dissolve the blood that is causing the stroke. The earlier this drug is given to the patient, the better. It is given directly into the vein. It was approved in 1996 to be used on stroke victims.

Aspirin and Heparin are used to thin the blood in stoke victims hoping to improve the ischemic stroke victims recovery. It thins the blood making it easier to flow through the veins and less likely to cause another blood clot when the stroke is an ischemic stroke. In some patients, it has been noted that aspirin given after a stroke does have a small effect on recovery.

Catotid endarterectomy is a surgery that removes the fatty buildup that’s in a neck artery that supplies oxygen with blood in it to the brain. This procedure can help stroke victims but can’t be completed until six weeks after the stroke has occurred. It can also be used in preventing a stroke in a person who already has a fatty buildup that could possibly cause a stroke.

A treatment that is out there but not available in all hospitals is cerebral angioplasty. This is because it is still considered an experimental technique.  It uses balloons, coils, and stents to treat diseases in coronary arteries. Although the technique is very promising, as of today it is still considered experimental.

When treating a stroke victim, it is important to be very supportive and patient. A stroke is a very scary thing, especially since it is the most popular cause of long-term disability in the USA. There is a multitude of mental and physical challenges placed on the victim, which is why there are so many different types of treatment to be explored. Talking to your doctor and choosing the proper procedures or treatments will give anyone who has suffered a stroke the best chance at recovery.