Help Me Putt – Easy Way To Create A Consistent Putting Stroke

Help Me Putt – Easy Way To Create A Consistent Putting Stroke

Do you have what they call the ‘yips’ when it is your turn on the green? A fear when you grip that putter because you have no clue if you will push or pull the putt?

The fact is that you can become a good putter even if you don’t believe it yet. You just need to address the fundamental issue of creating a consistent putting stroke. The way to do so is not by going out and buying the latest putter for $300, or by practicing the same way you’ve been doing. Here is a simple method that will remove technical thoughts about putting during your round of golf because you have already grooved in a consistent and reliable stroke with your putter. Do this on the practice green before your game or in the comfort of your living room during television commercials and feel yourself get more confident with short putts. Sink more putts that matter on the golf course and see your scores and handicap drop.

The Easy Way To Create A Consistent Putting Stroke

Choose a hole on a relatively flat section. Set up two clubs parallel to each other 3 feet from the hole such that they form a narrow path pointing at the pin. The space in between the clubs form a trough that should be sufficient for the width of your putter.

Place a ball between the two clubs, using any marking aids to align it towards the hole if that is what you would normally do during the game.

Take your normal putting stance and posture and practice putting the ball to the hole, keeping your putter within the guidelines of the trough on the way back and forward. Focus on making a smooth swing until you consistently find the cup.

When you feel yourself getting used to putting along the correct path, lengthen the distance by a foot. Go through the same routine and increase the distance by a foot each time till you confidently sink 6 feet putts.

Use This Method In Other Places Too

This simple method is not confined to being used on the practice green. Utilise it in the office or at home whenever you have some free time by setting up towards a round target such as a coin or small saucer as the hole. Whether you can commit only 5 minutes a day to practice in the office before a meeting, or half an hour at the practice green, this method is an easy way to develop a reliable putting stroke that will remove your fears on the green.

The putter is one of the most important clubs in the golf bag because once you get onto the green, your confidence with the putter determines whether you can save par or three putt for bogey. It is possible to make putting the strongest part of your game by devoting some time and effort to this simple method. When you have a consistent putting stroke, you become a more confident putter that shoots lower scores in 18 holes.

Remember to keep putting practice fun!