The Side Effects of High Cholesterol

The Side Effects of High Cholesterol

People see cholesterol as some sort of plague. But in reality cholesterol finds a place in our liver generated by our body. It plays a vital role to make our body to function normally.

Side effects occur when the cholesterol level goes high. The body will undergo many changes resulting in health problems. You have to take necessary steps to prevent high cholesterol.

The liver generates the cholesterol which is like a fat or a waxy steroid. One can see it the outer layer of our body’s cells and it is responsible for the health of cell membranes, it also produces bile and hormones with estrogen and progesterone and other such things.

High cholesterol is really harmful to health and it causes new diseases to grow in our body. The problems that may result are,

*Atherosclerosis – situation when the arteries become thin, narrower and harden.

*Coronary heart disease – some arteries behave abnormally and stop the flow of blood and oxygen getting in to the heart.

*Heart attack – Blood and oxygen stops flowing in the arteries resulting in death of the heart muscle.

*Angina – Chest pain due to low blood level in heart.

*Stroke – Blood vessel blocks in the brain which results in partial loss of movement and speech.

You can identify when you have a high cholesterol level. The narrowed blood vessels in the leg will trouble you with a severe pain in the leg whenever you do some exercise.

Some of the other symptoms would be your narrowed coronary arteries, clots in blood and many other which can be identified in consult with a doctor.

You should always keep track of your cholesterol level to maintain a good health. Some of the following points help you to maintain a good health and also to reduce your bad cholesterol level: Exercise regularly Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains which have a rich content of antioxidants. Avoid red meat and sweet food which have a rich content of saturated fats. Take proper rest and relax to prevent from stress. Don’t smoke and avoid drinking alcohol. Maintain a necessary weight.

Live long, hale and healthy with correct cholesterol level and always ensure that you are away from a bad cholesterol level whenever it comes.