Warm Climates and French Bulldogs

Warm Climates and French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are very intolerant to heat and will easily succumb in hot weather. This is because of the structure of their air passages. Dogs will usually pant to lose heat when it is hot. This panting is necessary to enable heat loss and at the same time to cool air as it passes through the air passages. In Frenchies however the short structure of these passages makes it difficult to exchange heat well as it passes thus making this cooling ineffective. Frenchies may also suffer from a condition that causes obstruction of the larynx during inspiration.

Frenchies are therefore very prone to overheating especially in warm climates. By taking the appropriate steps Frenchies can survive without any trouble in warm climates

Useful Tips

– French bulldogs will normally shed hair in warm climates as a coping mechanism. You can promote this process by brushing the dog to remove any loose hair as well as by trimming the hair.

– Do not subject your dog to extreme exercises especially not in the heat. Frenchies only need mild exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Exercise should be done in the morning or in later the evening when its cooler

– Frenchies should never be left out in the heat. In summer if you are going outdoors, leave your Frenchie indoors. If you have to stay with him then ensure that it is in the shade and provide him with enough water.

– Frenchies should under no circumstance be left in a locked car out in the heat. Open the windows and if you have air conditioning leave it on.

– French bulldogs can’t swim; they are too heavy and besides swimming is very exerting. Do not leave your dog in the sun near a pool of water. The dog will be tempted to jump in and cool off. If you are there to supervise you can attach floaters to the dog and let him enjoy the water. Get your dog out of water if he shows signs of exhaustion or is having hard time breathing.

– Know how to recognize if your dog is having a heat stroke, a rectal thermometer may come in handy If the temperature is way above normal and the Frenchie is panting heavily and has a fast heart beat then take action fast.

– In warm climates, dress up your Frenchie in loose-fitting clothes made of a light fabric.

In case of a heat stroke, do not panic.

– Get your Frenchie out of the heat to a cool place

– Get an ice pack and apply especially on the face and neck area. You can also use some cool water and sprinkle it on the dog.

– Do not splash cold water on the dog or put in a cold bath as the sudden cold may cause the dog to get shock.

– You can try to get the dog to drink some cool water

With some common sense, French bulldogs will do well in warm climates and enjoy themselves.