AdHd and Crossinology

AdHd and Crossinology

Most of us are acquainted with ADHD in children, but it can affect adults as well. I have dealt with it for most of my life. Music and language have always been easy for me. But multi-tasking, following directions, understanding conversation in a large crowded room, and balance have always been difficult. And I’ve had to deal with panic attacks when in crowds. I’ve had great difficulty finding my car in large lots because visual memory has been challenged.

When I was in my twenties, I had my hearing tested because I could not follow conversations when in a large group of people. Sounds would be unintelligible. Instead of hearing individual words, I’d hear something like d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-!

I recently began a series of treatments called brain integration or crossinology. Even though I have not yet completed the treatments, I have noticed several important improvements.

Visual memory has improved. I now remember where I’ve put my car keys and where I’ve parked my car in parking lots. Previously, no matter how many times I told myself to focus when parking my car, I would invariably forget to do that. My brain couldn’t handle that much information.

I can also multi task much more easily. If the doorbell rings, a student is taking a lesson, the cats are crying for their food, and the telephone rings, I’m able to focus on just one task and leave the others temporarily undone without coming apart at the seams.

Imagine the neurological overload some people have when a lot of these areas are compromised! No wonder self esteem can be affected when the nervous system is working under so much duress.

Crossinolgy may offer hope to stroke patients, autistic children, and those afflicted with ADHD.…