How to Putt and Lower Your Scores Today!

How to Putt and Lower Your Scores Today!

The average amateur three putts 8 to 10 holes. Most of it is because they do not take the time to understand putting, and what goes into it. If you are reading this then you are taking the first step to becoming a better golfer.

Their are two tips that I believe to be most important in putting to start out with.

First is having a nice smooth stroke, where the shoulder and arms work together, with no wrist movement. Now their is a very simple drill, that with some practice, you will master in no time.

To get this perfect stroke, you need your putter, and a second club. You take the second club and have the across your body and under your arms. While you are taking your putting stroke you are to keep the club pressed against your body. This ensures that you have a pendulum like stroke with no wrist in the stroke.

Secondly, this is the stroke I personally use and has improved my score unbelievably. It is called the 2 for 1 stroke.

This means that for however far you take back your putter you go through twice as much. So If your backswing is 5 inches then your follow through is 10 inches. This may take a couple minutes to get the hang of, but I guarantee it will help your score tremendously.

What it does is it ensures that you accelerate through the ball, hitting it solidly, so that it has a good roll, with little bounce.

There you go, with the nice pendulum like stroke, and the 2 for 1 stroke combined into 1, it will be hard for you to miss a putt.…