How to Raise Your Energy Through Proper Supplementation

How to Raise Your Energy Through Proper Supplementation

If you really want to amplify how much joy and passion you get from life than you have to increase your energy to a point where you feel alive and ready to take on the world.

I want to help you magnify your ability to get up and go take charge of life so I put together a short list of some of the most important vitamins and minerals you need to ensure optimal energy production.

Make sure you are taking your B vitamins because they play a serious roll in increasing energy as well as increasing how fast you can metabolize food including fat which means it might help you shed a few pounds as well.

B12 has even been linked with helping your bodies cells be more efficient on the cellular level, enabling your cells to work more efficiently and leaving you with left over energy.

Vitamin C is not just important for keeping the common cold away but it greatly increases cellular repair as well as encourages the conversion of fats into energy through the mitochondria process. Oranges and tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C.

Magnesium is also extremely important to your energy levels. It is necessary for ATP production which is the main energy producing powerhouse in the body. When magnesium levels fall to low, it results in cells which are able to produce less energy, resulting in fatigue.

In fact, magnesium supplementation is one of the most recommended supplementations in the western hemisphere because most of us do not get enough of the mineral with our general food intake.

Although it is not exactly a vitamin, ginseng is another very important supplement you can take to increase your energy. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for over 3,000 years and has a large variety of documented health benefits in addition to energy such as boosting the immune system.

And of course a great way to make sure you are getting your nutritional needs met to is find a multi-vitamin that includes all of the things we just talked about.

Try checking out your local health foods store to see if you have a knowledgeable person behind the desk who can help you determine what multi-vitamin would best suit your needs.

Whatever you do, do not mosey on down to the local grocery store though and just pick up some random bottle off of the shelf because those vitamins are typically very cheaply made and will likely do you no good.

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