Things to Do During a Heat Storm

Things to Do During a Heat Storm

During the June 2009 heatwave, the state of Texas was able to record its highest recorded temperature which was 104 degrees. The states which mostly experience this phenomenon are Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska and California. The adverse effects of this prolonged period of excessively hot weather may include power outage due to excess usage of air conditioning, crop failure, possible massive wildfires, and death. It can cause damage to millions of properties. Because of the ongoing climate change, weather forecasters are expecting more of this heat storm.

What are the things a person must do during a heat storm?

1. The elderly, young children and people with chronic health conditions are strongly advised to stay inside as much as possible. Heatwave can cause mortality. This may be due to, cardio, respiratory or any heat related cause.

2. Prior to a heatwave, it is advisable to be prepared. People in the middle and higher class conditions have little or no problem at all with this. They only need to have a better ventilation system such as air conditions. Some people also find solution in going to malls. Mostly, it is those living in poverty in highly urbanized areas who are the ones greatly affected. They do not have an adequate ground cover which makes them the best candidate for hyperthermia.

3. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended. It makes our body maintain being cool and refreshed. During this time, people are more into eating ice cream and other frozen goodies. Still it all boils down to making oneself comfortable. People also experience psychological stress because of heatwaves.

4. When the person you are with is already suffering from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, there are some first aid tips you need to know. You have to call an emergency hotline first. While waiting for them, you must ensure that the one suffering from heatstroke is cool and comfortable. Change his or her clothing if necessary. Loosen up his/her clothing to make sure he/she breaths properly. Make sure he/she has enough water to drink or sip. If he/she is experiencing heat cramps, transfer him/her to a cooler place and gently massage his/her hands or feet.

5. Sunburns are frequent during heat storms. Refrain from going out during the heat of the day.

Heatwaves are predicted to increase in terms of intensity, regularity and period in the United States and the rest of the countries. This makes some environmental agencies greatly anxious. As a result, some US municipalities are encouraged to setup heatwave alarm systems and emergency procedures for vulnerable individuals. Heat stroke happens when the body temperature reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The smaller the person is, the faster his body temperature goes up. People can die because of heat stroke. In the US, heat storms kill a bigger number of people compared to other natural calamities such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. Natural calamities might …