Vitamins For Bodybuilding

Vitamins For Bodybuilding

Vitamins are essential food factors that are chemical in nature and are found in certain foodstuffs. Some vitamins are synthesized commercially. Lack of vitamins in our bodies causes vitamin deficiency diseases.

There is a minimum amount of vitamins that our bodies require daily to remain healthy and undertake internal functions. Our body organs use vitamins in combination with minerals to effect important processes within the body. Such processes result in growth, development and metabolism.

We can effectively employ the use of vitamins to achieve overall fitness bodybuilding. Since vitamins are mainly obtained from the healthy foods and drinks we consume, we can tailor our diets to provide our bodies with sufficient vitamins that will help in bodybuilding. Since it is the muscles in our bodies that we aim to build, we should understand that the muscles are made up of cells in which chemical reactions takes place continuously. For the reactions to be sustained, adequate supply of vitamins must be maintained. Without this, we will be susceptible to diseases and this in effect means that we cannot undertake any bodybuilding program or bodybuilding exercises.

For effective health and bodybuilding routine, we require the following vitamins in adequate supply:

Vitamins A, E, K and D – These vitamins intake may not be necessary on a daily basis as they are normally stored in our body’s fatty tissues. They are also stored in the liver. They are usually referred to as fat soluble vitamins since they cannot dissolve in water. However, we need to obtain them occasionally for their storage to be possible. Vitamin A is required for proper vision and prevention of blindness while vitamin E is required for prevention of sterility and in the development of the muscles. Vitamin D is responsible for the development of bones and it prevents the occurrence of rickets. Vitamin K is an important blood formation agent and helps in blood clotting.

Vitamins B and C – These are water soluble vitamins and are therefore required on a daily basis and in adequate supply. They are not stored in the body. Vitamin C is responsible for the prevention of scurvy and helps in fast healing of wounds.

Other vitamins such as B6, B3, B12 and others are also required by our bodies for different processes. They also help in the prevention of other diseases and conditions.

While these vitamins are required in small daily amounts, they are very important in achieving bodybuilding, regardless of whether it is a fitness bodybuilding, bodybuilding program or for achieving a lean body. We need to daily eat varied foods rich in them. Alternatively, we can obtain them from various food supplements in the market. We however need to be careful with the supplements as some do not contain the vitamins indicated that they contain.

Most effective bodybuilding routines incorporate the use of vitamins by advising on the type of foods one is required to eat while undertaking such a program. These programs are developed by professionals …