Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

In the January 2011 issue of Golf Digest, tour player and golf analyst Gary McCord endorses Face-On Putting as a superior way to putt. He even references Dave Pelz as having rated such putting very high.

Face-On(tm) Putting was introduced in 2006 by noted sports psychologist Dr. David Cook in his highly popular book, “Golf’s Sacred Journey”.

Thousands of golfers have already switched to Face-On(tm) putting and the number is growing every day.

Shooting was recently completed on a movie based on “Golf’s Sacred Journey”. The movie stars Robert Duval and includes cameo appearances by Stewart Cink, Lucas Glover, Rickie Fowler and K.J. Choi.

When the movie is released in the Spring of 2011, the exposure to Face-On(tm) putting is expected to spur explosive growth in this new putting technique.

Face-On(tm) putting offers golfers seven key advantages:1)The golfer stands to the side of the ball and faces the hole/target line. The golfer’s binocular vision provides better alignment and distance judgment than traditional side-on putting.2)The putting stroke is mechanically simple with few moving body parts. This allows for a repeating stroke that will stand up under competitive pressure.3)It uses a natural underhand stroke motion much like pitching horseshoes, pennies or a soft ball.4)It promotes a simple, repeating straight-back and straight-through stroke for accuracy.5)The long putter length used provides a smooth tempo which promotes consistency.6)The golfer quickly learns to control distance by varying the length of the putting stroke.7)The relatively upright posture used allows the golfer to spend extended practice time with out back strain.

A Putter that has been optimized for Face-On(tm) putting will have the following features.1)Length from 44-54 inches depending on golfer height.2)Lie angle as upright as allowed by the USGA, 10 degrees.3)Face Balanced with high MOI.4)Uncluttered sight lines that frame the golf ball; no balls or other distracting geometric shapes5)Zero loft to eliminate directional error caused holding the shaft vertical with a ten degree lie angle.6)Adjustable weight for varying playing conditions.7)Vertical face grooves for a soft feel and excellent roll.

The Face-On Putting style is helping golfers of all skill levels. It is especially helpful for golfers who struggle with those pesky 3,4 and 5 foot putts.…