How Vital is Your Eye Line to Your Golf Putting Setup?

How Vital is Your Eye Line to Your Golf Putting Setup?

If you are looking to improve your golf putting by becoming a more efficient and consistent putter, then one golf putting setup fundamental that you certainly want to get right is to learn where your eye line needs to be.

This golf putting setup fundamental is not really up for debate! It is the most crucial elements of the putting setup and will basically determine how successful your putting performance will be.

So take a moment to follow the advice below and take your golf putting game to the next level!

Where should you Eye Line be?

Your eyes needs to be directly overlooking the golf ball or at worst directly behind it. An easy way to test that your eyes are lined up in the correct position is to place another ball between your eyes and allow it to drop. If it lands on top of the ball you are about to putt, then your eye line is correct.

Why is eye line so important?

Having your eyes directly over the ball is vital because it puts you in the best position to look straight down the target line, this with help you to consistently keep your putting stroke on the correct path straight back and straight through to the target line (the imaginary line from the target to and through the ball).

Staying on path will ensure that your putting stroke is accurate and consistent. If you eye line is inside the target line then your putting stroke will tend to go to far inside on the backswing and you will find that you push a lot of putts. On the other hand if your eye line is outside the target line your putting stroke will tend to go too far outside the line on the backswing and you will find that you pull a lot of putts.…

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